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House Bill 18 Preparation

Instruction in High School, College and Career Preparation for Middle Schools - Meeting the House Bill 18 Mandate

Need help understanding and defining House Bill 18?  This session will focus on meeting the middle school mandate to instruct students on high school requirements and college and career preparation, as outlined in House Bill 18.

Beaumont, Texas
Tuesday, September 15, 2015
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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CollegeBoard Counselor Workshop

This is a workshop that will provide school counselors with the information they need to help students prepare for college and career success. The 2015 College Board Counselor Workshop will include the following:

  • Updates on the SAT, the PSAT/NMSQT, and AP Programs ( including information on all the latest developments for the redesigned exams)
  • A briefing from the College Board regarding resources & opportunities
  • Spotlight on critical websites for counselors
  • An in-depth presentation on financial aid
  • Counseling tips from seasoned counseling practitioners

Houston, Texas
Wednesday, September 23, 2015
9:00 AM - 2:30 PM

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Transitioning High School Students to College and Career

Counselors and advisers play a pivotal role in preparing students for college and career. This course identifies sequential steps in which counselors and advisers can maximize college and career guidance for optimal student outcomes. Content covers steps needed to successfully transition your students from high school to the college and career of their choice. Additional details are provided in the link below.

Austin, Texas
Thursday, October 8, 2015
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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