Empowered for Success Merges with TXCCRN

August 2013 | Houston, Texas
BY: Amy Williams

With the launch of the Texas College and Career Readiness Network in January 2013, the University of Houston and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board have been working together to create the Texas College and Career Readiness Network Digest which is slated to replace the Gulf Coast E-newsletter, Empowered for Success.

We are thrilled for this initiative to be in its final stages. Once completed, the digest will be a resource for Texas educators to see the month's biggest highlights, additions, events, and top news from the TXCCRN. Of course, none of these would exist without our regional partners in CCRS and the hard work they do to support student success.

We excitedly invite all of our regional partners in readiness to contribute to making this resource as comprehensive as possible. If your institution has an ongoing or past initiative, deliverables from a completed initiative or event, or information on an upcoming event that supports readiness in Texas, please contact Texas CCRS Network Senior Communications Officer Amy Williams.

All readiness-promoting resources are welcome! For more details, please use the following as optional guidelines for submissions:

We look forward to hearing from you!