AVID Hosts Student Success Week, Encourages Others to Keep it Going

October 2014 | Houston, Texas
BY: Amy Williams

In late September, AVID facilitated a national conversation regarding college and college success by hosting Commit to Student Success Week. During the week, AVID encouraged conversation among students, teachers, and parents on social media and coined the hashtag #AVID4StudentSuccess. Each day had a different theme, which prompted participants to discuss new aspects of student success:

My Success Monday
Their Success Tuesday
What is Success? Wednesday
Thank You Thursday
Future Friday



Student Success Week also gave student success proponents a chance to share their thoughts and ideas on what could be done to promote success among their campuses.

AVID is now continuing the conversation and inviting others to do the same. The group has released 10 blogs that focus on the 5 dimensions of student success. These resources can help educators continue the student success conversations year-round.


The Student Success Toolkit is available for download and open to the public. Feel free to visit AVID's Student Success resource page or browse #AVID4StudentSuccess to see what other educators are doing to promote success among their students!