TEA and ESC 13 Release Online College Readiness Tool

December 2014 | Houston, Texas
BY: Amy Williams

Texas Education Agency (TEA) and Education Service Center (ESC) 13 launched the new College and Career Readiness Resource Center (CCRRC) in late October. This tool is geared for educators, as well as those wishing to get a better understanding of what it means to be college and career ready (CCR).


Texas College and Career Readiness Network (TXCCRN) recently interviewed a key player in the development of OCCRRC, Steve Frank, ESC 13's College and Career Readiness Coordinator. Below is the transcript of the interview with Frank:

1. What made you (and TEA) become interested in developing the new OCCRRC website?
There was a call from the field to house all CCR resources and information in one location. After careful consideration we created a website with 22 main topics for CCR in Texas. The topics start very broad and get very specific. There is no need to "google" for CCR information anymore. Texas has one of the most comprehensive and current CCR websites available today.

2. Who is this website made for?
The website is developed for all educators, students, and parents. Though the information is written to inform educators of the latest and most current research and best practice, we have found ourselves sending students and parents to the site often. The CCR Profile Planning Guide was developed for school leadership teams and administrators and the OCCRRC was developed for all stakeholders. Together, they create resources and tools that exceed most expectations.

3. What are some major highlights of the website that users will not find elsewhere?
Over 250 free resources to learn how to operationalize college and career readiness in Texas schools. The resource is all full of wonderful video production that can be used outside of the resource. The ease of use and the navigation for the site is extremely easy, self intuitive. Simply click on a topic of interest and get started. Educators can also earn 24 hours of CEU credit, if desired.

4. Where is OCCRRC headed in the future?
We are beginning discussion with educator preparation programs to include the OCCRRC as part of their program. It is an excellent tool to build a college and career readiness culture in Texas schools.

The new OCCRRC is now available to the public. With the beginning of the school year quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to begin the courses and learn more about the resources available to your classroom! Please contact Steve Frank with any questions regarding this new tool. Also, feel free to let us know how your experience has been using OCCRRC as we intend to follow the success of OCCRRC.