Students Across Texas Celebrate GenTX Decision Day

May 2015 | Houston, Texas
BY: Amy Williams

Generation Texas (GenTX) Day is a bi-annual statewide celebration and recognition of college and universities. This year, schools across Texas celebrated a new event, GenTX Decision Day. May 1, 2015 was marked as a "school spirit day," dedicated to building awareness and encouragement for choosing and enrolling in a college or university. Students who participated could be seen wearing their favorite college shirts and GenTX wrist bands. From elementary to high school, below are a few schools that stood out with their creativity in celebrating GenTX Decision Day:

Hargrave Elementary School - Fort Worth, Texas

Students at Hargrave Elementary school participated by immersing themselves in information regarding their future higher-education and signing letters of intent stating their post-secondary goals. The 4th graders started the week by doing a research project on their college, university or trade school of choice. Institutions ranged from MIT to California College of the Arts. Students did the research at school as outlined by a teacher created rubric.

"I was very proud of how hard the students worked on these projects," said Amelia McMillen, M.Ed, school counselor.

Students were scheduled extra computer time to do the research and had time to go to the library and research as well. Students wrote research papers to help guide their oral presentations. Visual aids were part of a home project to involve the parents in post-secondary discussions with their student. 

"It was such a rewarding experience to see the students so excited about their future," explained McMillen. "One student even mentioned his plans to get a Master’s degree in math or science. His goal is to become an archeologist."

Hargrave Elementary students ended the week by presenting their information beginning at 9am in their classrooms with parents and 3rd grade students in the audience. 

Arlington High School


Students at Arlington High School did many acitivities to celebrate GenTX Decision Day this spring.

"Our Student Council held competitions for guessing college fight songs and created posters for the video/selfie contest," said Jennifer, Arlington High School Counselor.

Graduating seniors also participated by placing their pictures on a United States map to indicate where they would be going to college. In addition, the school collaborated with local businesses to offer lunch discounts for students who participated.

Arlington HS

"While GenTX week was busy, the ultimate goal of AHS Counselors is for this to become a part of the Colt culture." said Jennifer. "As part of our ongoing mission to increase college and career readiness among ALL students, GenTX days are one way to incorporate this."

Arlington High School plans to have another College Night for GenTX Day this fall. Last year it was a great success, and students had the opportunity to individually speak to representatives from 35 different colleges and universities.

Mountain View High School


Students at Mountain View High School celebrated GenTX Decision Day all week long! Educators utilized their own personal college experiences as an integral way of increasing excitement of going to college.

"Teachers informed students about their own educational path," said Brenda Rueda, College Readiness Advisor.

Students also had the opportunity to dress as their future profession, which was a student favorite. GenTX Decision Day wrapped up on Friday with students meeting, greeting, and picture-taking with university representatives who congratulated them on their future decision.

La Joya ISD

La Joya ISD participated in GenTX Decision Day by creatively making a video that symbolizes the true essence of GenTX Day: building a college-going culture in Texas schools. Below is an original video that was created by students and teachers alike: 

Special thanks to the schools and educators who contributed to the making of this article: Jennifer S. NovoselskyAmelia R. McMillenBrenda Rueda, and La Joya ISD.