Initiatives & Resources


Initiatives and Resources

The following state initiatives are funded or created in partnership with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB): 


AVATAR, funded by a THECB grant to the North Texas Regions P-16 Council and administered by the University of North Texas, aligns core curriculum to the CCRS and TEKS across secondary and postsecondary education.


CRAfT, a project funded by the THECB and housed at The University of Texas at Austin, supplies the College Readiness Assignments, which are CCRS-aligned lesson plans for high school, community college, and four-year university educators. 


The PPG, funded by the THECB, is a flexible tool designed to help school leadership assess their level of college and career readiness culture in a deliberate, research-based way.


Accelerate Texas, funded by the THECB and supported by Jobs for the Future, aims to provide adult learners with basic skills classes along with career and technical pathways.


The Texas Pathways Project is a local partnership between secondary and post-secondary institutions that is designed to improve curriculum alignment through data and outcome research.


The Data Fellows, funded by the THECB, were formed to inform K-12 educational leaders about publicly available Texas higher education data. These data can help leaders better serve their students in K-12 and beyond.

Other College and Career Readiness Platforms: 

Learn 4 21

Learn 4 21, housed at ESC 20 in San Antonio, is an advanced platform that supplies teachers and administrators resources that support a college-going, career-ready culture.


The goal of the OCCRRC is to make knowledge and resources available to all Texas stakeholders to positively impact the successful pursuit of post-secondary opportunities leading to high skill, high wage, and high demand careers.

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