Texas CCR Profile Planning Guide Update

The Texas College and Career Readiness Profile Planning Guide is a tool designed to help educators cultivate a college- and career-ready culture among students. It was developed by a partnership between Region XIII Education Service Center (ESC) and Austin Community College and is supported, in part, by a Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board College Readiness Initiatives Grant.

The Profile Planning Guide shows teachers, administrators, counselors and stakeholders what college and career readiness means, so that a basic framework of reference can be used and understood across the state. Data is gathered from each school or district to help determine college and career readiness standing and an effective plan is put in place to carry out college and career (CCR) readiness progress.

The Profile Planning Guide uses interactive questions or prompts that are answered by users who are directly in contact with students. This helps participating schools further assess the current level of their CCR standing. The information gained from the prompts helps identify gaps between perceived and actual CCR implementation within the school so that an appropriate action plan can be developed.

Regional College Readiness Special Advisor for regions 12 and 13, Gary Madsen, explains additional ways the Profile Planning Guide can be available: "ESCs are including the Profile Tool as part of a College and Career Readiness package for school districts. This seems to be the most popular at the present time and has generated the most interest from school districts."

Currently, there are 19 ESCs trained to offer the program to districts and schools, which has led to approximately 35 districts in Texas that are implementing the Profile Planning Guide.

For more information on the Texas College and Career Readiness Profile Planning Guide, visit www.txccrn.uh.edu or contact your ESC.