I. Numeric Reasoning
II. Algebraic Reasoning
III. Geometric Reasoning
IV. Measurement Reasoning
V. Probablistic Reasoning
VI. Statistical Reasoning
VII. Functions
VIII. Problem Solving and Reasoning
IX. Communication and Representation
X. Connections

About the Mathematics Standards

Mathematics knowledge is essential to becoming a productive citizen in today’s society. Many factors have increased the level of understanding of mathematics needed by the average adult. Our ever-changing world has become increasingly quantitative in nature.

Mathematical reasoning is key to solving problems, formulating logical arguments, understanding quantitative features of various disciplines, critically analyzing media sources, and searching for patterns.

These CCRS are designed to help students, parents, teachers, and counselors understand the specific content knowledge and academic skills necessary for college and career readiness.

The CCRS are broad in nature, equipping students for general education college mathematics courses, but are not intended to encompass all skills necessary for students entering majors that require specific mathematical knowledge.

Some standards identify specific mathematical skills and knowledge. Some are specific to subject area topics, while others address global topics. All are viewed as equally important to achieving the level of mathematical proficiency necessary for college and career readiness.